AllinQuest is a free mobile application for you and your friends

Visit your favorite locations and institutions around the world at a discount of up to 100% and receive extra INCOME from it!!!

Is it attractive for you?


Let's download our mobile app by typing in AllinQuest in PlayMarket or AppStore. The application is multilanguage and will automatically open in the language of the smartphone


Let's go through an instant registration. And you are now a full-fledged participant of the largest Business Quest in the world!


From now on your smartphone has the largest and most modern electronic discount card in the world that allows you to not only receive discounts, but also to Earn!

Unique, isn’t it?

Now you have access to information and maximum discounts throughout the world in all institutions and shops that are already connected to AllinQuest

At any time you can see the latest and most up to date information, learn about the prices, reviews and ratings of the company, see photo and video materials

And most importantly, to get the maximum discount when visiting institutions, simply click on "Get Discount", show the unique QR code to the staff member of the institution and get your personal maximum discount


Let's agree, each of you has several discount cards, and many others have more than ten. And that’s often quite inconvenient: cards get lost, become outdated, you constantly forget them at home or in the car, they are not easy to carry, and most importantly, you do not see the status of your account and the actual level of your discount


But you never forget your smartphone; it is always with you! Now all of your discount and saving cards are also with you

And now the most interesting part in our Business Quest ...

You always recommend something to someone. And your recommendations are trusted by your friends much more than any other advertising, this is the most powerful tool for any business. We always love to visit institutions on someone's advice and expect from those institutions more loyalty and personal discounts

Leading analytical companies of the world have long ago determined that the recommendations of satisfied customers are many times more effective than the usual advertising


At the same time, each time your recommendations bring significant revenue to each institution. With AllinQuest platform businessmen have now the opportunity to award you with an unlimited number of bonuses for your recommendations. And they do it with pleasure!


You see what happened now? You still recommend something, but you do it in a playful way and on a global scale, and most importantly you earn a significant amount of money from it!

For example

You like visiting your favorite restaurants and beauty salons, hiring trusted notaries and lawyers, buying vacation packages from certain travel agents, and do many other things to which you are accustomed. And you will be happy to recommend these institutions to all your friends

1 round

You only need to choose the restaurant, service or product that you want to recommend, click on the "Share Discount", and the app will instantly generate your unique referral QR code.

2 round

You can send the code to your friend by any way familiar to you (sms, whatsapp, skype etc), or if your friend is next to you, just let them scan this QR code

3 round

At the same time, each person you give a recommendation to, will be automatically assigned to you by the system in the section My team, and every time your friend pays for something in the institution, you get a reward. And it is instantly reflected in your smartphone


In this simple way, businessmen get new customers and are happy to constantly thank you for it

But this is the largest Business Quest!


With AllinQuest

You will be awarded bonuses not only from the purchases of your friends, but also the friends of your friends, and the friends of their friends

With us

The rewards are paid on a minimum of 5 levels!

Just imagine

You will receive regular income from people you don’t even know

This is how it works…

You visited a restaurant and you liked everything

You told about this beautiful place and the new mobile AllinQuest application, with which you can consistently earn, to 7 of your friends. They also enjoyed it and each of them made the same recommendation to 7 of their friends

Thus in 2 generations, your team has 56 people. In three generations there will already be 399 people

Do you understand what a huge audience is constantly working for you? You just made one recommendation and now, as soon as someone from your team pays at this restaurant, you immediately receive points to your account


As a result, in a short period of time you quickly collect points for free visits to this restaurant. And this has no ending; the process is already running

3 generations 399 people round

But that's still not the end!

Businessmen too can now reward you for the fact that you took your time and wrote how much you enjoyed this restaurant on your social media pages

Do you understand how your entire usual life is changing? You, as before, write posts in your favorite social networks, but you now earn from it!

And all this under the clear control of your AllinQuest mobile application. All the rewards appear instantly and you can always clearly see all your scores

Do you understand that with AllinQuest your smartphone has turned into a personal business tool?!


At the same time please note that businessmen are always glad to see you and can even give you additional rewards. If you hadn’t made these recommendations, the restaurant wouldn’t have 399 new customers from your circle and earn decent income

In fact, we make recommendations all our lives, no one simply paid any attention to this and you didn’t get paid for it. With AllinQuest everything is fair, businessmen receive an extensive customer base and you get permanent rewards and respect

Join in!

  • - get maximum discounts throughout the world
  • - recommend your favorite institutions to friends and get rewards
  • - visit restaurants, spas, and many other places for free
  • - share your scores and discounts
  • - write and read reviews and make money on it
  • - share bright moments through photo and video publications
  • - report problems and get instant reaction from institutions to this
  • - meet new people
  • - create your events and join others
  • - use your messenger with the built-in translator
  • - receive only the latest information on all the institutions in AllinQuest
  • - shop online
  • - use online payment without commissions
  • - book tables at restaurants, tickets to theaters, and everything else that you want
  • - and many many more…

Do you agree that this is very attractive?


Join the most exciting Business Quest in the world!!!

With us you are always successful!