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You will

attract thousands of new clients using all possible marketing channels without losses


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the average check of each client at least 4 times.
Plus, you will turn every new client into a regular with ease


You will achieve

that your regular clients will themselves bring you hundreds or even thousands of new loyal clients

AllinQuest is a unique tool for end-to-end analytics of your business, as well as a tool for free attracting new and retaining existing clients






Business analytics

It is a complete solution that brings you revenue for you today!



It is a system of advanced business analytics


It is the gaming of business processes


It is the newest loyalty system for your business

How is your business doing?

Average Hard going? Does it not grow to the desired scale in any way?

We agree... The rest have practically the same... On the brink of survival...

But it’s for now...!

Why is that so?

Because, for business development, you do not use the necessary and accessible tools for collecting statistics and analytics

We will explain the problem and you will see that everything is not hard to plumb...

You will understand how easy and quickly it is possible to raise the profitability of your company at least 5 times in the first 3 months of using AllinQuest

The key is to not be afraid of growth! Do not look at everyone else!

Everything will be exactly the same for you, and it’s guaranteed to be better!

Let’s figure it out

What sources of income do you have?


Now, think about how you work with each of these sources

You probably will say, it is very productive...

But we actually know - It doesn't!

And you will soon understand this...

Think where you can get
NEW clients?

Agree that the new client cannot appear from nowhere.

In any case, he somehow received information about your company, whether from his friends, a sign on the building or advertising on the Internet

AllinQuest performs one of the most difficult and most important tasks of any business

best Practice

Precisely marks each channel to attract new clients

recent Updates

Analyses the channels of the “entering” of each client. So that you can understand where the client came from and how much he brought you money by himself and by bringing his friends


Exactly shows in which channels of marketing you should 100% break even invest, and from which temporarily to refuse

New clients

appear in any business only from 2 sources:


How open are you to the use of new marketing channels?

How do you feel about advertising costs?

We always hear the following:

It’s not for us...
We have already tried it...
We do not have clients there...
We were told that this does not work in our business...
We spent a lot of money, but there is no result...
It is very expensive...
How do we understand that clients are from there...
And many other objections and excuses...

Do you recognize yourself? You are simply afraid!

And you are absolutely right!

To allocate and spend the budget for marketing without having an end-to-end, per-channel business analytic is the same as to jump from an airplane without a parachute. The probability of success is 1%


But you still do it ...

Someone did 1 time and stopped, not understanding anything, or just afraid of spending. So he deprived yourself of the possibility of multiple growth once for all

Someone does this constantly, spending 85% of the budget for marketing in vain! And also going around in a circle, not getting multiple growth

Many companies are trying to cut marketing costs...
But you must remember once for all, as an axiom, that cutting marketing costs is a direct road to the death of a company

Marketing costs need to be optimized and maximized, thereby constantly increasing the profitability of your company

The problem is that as long as you do not have the necessary tools and knowledge, you do not understand what channels need to be disconnected, and which channels urgently get investment of the maximum amount of funds

For any business, there are more than 100 effective channels for attracting clients. You usually use a maximum of 2-3!

Falsely believing that the rest are “not for you”

Remember that what you think is that many channels that do not like or seem to be ineffective personally to you or your acquaintances, do not exactly mean that they will not bring you the main income!

It is necessary to make decisions strictly on the basis of collected own system statistics, and not on the basis of several unsuccessful attempts, your intuition or advice from friends

Only statistics! Only analysis! And only large numbers!

The success of your business depends on how correctly you have learned to try, analyse and choose only high-yield channels to attract new clients

Let’s take a simple example...

  • Suppose you have allocated $10,000 to attract clients
  • And you decided to invest them in 5 marketing channels known to you in equal parts - $2,000 per channel
  • Launching advertising in a week, you received an income of $14,200 from all channels
  • It would seem that you can invest more...
  • And if you would earn not $4,200, but only $100? Would you invest more?
  • Probably no, it is not profitable...
  • And why it happened - you would not have an answer...
  • Your experience would be over on this...

You would have seen what was happening in reality with AllinQuest

Attraction channels SMS messaging Yandex direct Google adwords Leaflets Billboards Total
Expense, $ 2,000 2,000 2,000 2,000 2,000 10,000
Income, $ 2,700 8,000 1,800 700 1,000 14,200
Profit, $ 700 6,000 -200 -1,300 -1,000 4,200
Profit, % 35 300 -10 -65 -50 42

Note, only 2 channels were profitable, the remaining 3 were unprofitable

But you could not see it!

That is, if you saw the situation, you would simply invest $10,000 not in 5, but in 2 channels, per $5,000 each

And then, you would have received a profit of not $4,200, but $16,750

Attraction channels SMS messaging Yandex direct Total
Expense, $ 5,000 5,000 10,000
Income, $ 6,750 20,000 26,750
Profit, $ 1,750 15,000 16,750
Profit, % 35 300 168

At the same time, if your budget is strictly limited, then you cannot stop on that

These 2 channels are completely different. Profit was 35% on 1 channel and the second - 300%

There is no point in investing in the first channel, you need to invest the entire budget strictly in the highest-yielding channel, getting the maximum profit

And then you will get the following indicators

Attraction channels Yandex direct Total
Expense, $ 10,000 10,000
Income, $ 40,000 40,000
Profit, $ 30,000 30,000
Profit, % 300 300

As you can see, using the required tools for collecting statistics and conducting analysis, your profit will be already $30,000

Do you feel the difference?

In just 1 week investing $10,000, you would earn not $4,200, but $30,000

You can project this example for any channels and at any depth

Even as part of 1 channel, you can see how 10 different keywords work

The main thing is to remember the rule

Once you see that a certain channel brings a high income, it is in it that you need to invest the maximum amount. And scaling success, instantly break away from competitors, getting more and more profit


All this becomes possible

Only under the condition that each marketing channel will be marked, processed and analysed by the tools built into the AllinQuest platform:

  • Manager of attraction channels
  • Call tracking
  • Email tracking
  • Leader’s hunter
  • Feedback form
  • Application form
  • Online consultant
  • Call back order
  • Cost integration
  • Multi-channel analytics
  • Report Manager
  • Contact Manager

Do you imagine what a Yandex or Google metric is?

AllinQuest will give you ten times more accurate statistics on the behaviour of each of your client at any time

Now, confidently launching any advertising channel, you instantly see its effectiveness

AllinQuest continuously collects statistics from all the tools of your business, analyses each channel of attraction and shows you a complete picture of the business in real time.

Having complete analysis, you can safely say that you control every dollar invested in marketing, and get at least ten or more dollars from it!


But attracting new clients

is only one of the several mandatory stages of successful business development

What is the success of the constantly growing income from your clients?

What should be done?

First, turn every new client into a regular one

Then, constantly increasing his loyalty, offer an ever wider range of your services, increasing the average check and LTV

In any properly built and growing business 70% of income comes from your regular clients


Turn a new client into a regular one - that’s one of the most important and complex tasks of any business

There are more than 70 methods of retaining your existing clients, as well as a significant increase in the check of each of them

And as usual

You use a maximum of 1-2!

You cannot even imagine how much you lose by letting a large and significant share of profits pass you by not using the simplest and most important tools checked in business


What needs to be done to make the client regular?

  • Provide services nice and brightly...
  • Provide a discount...
  • Exceed his expectations...
  • Be sure to present points for the next purchase, so that the client has a lively motivation to return...

Always keep your finger on the pulse

Clients do not become regular and loyal after the first visit

Transition of the client from the status of New to Constant is smooth and does not tell you in any way that you can relax and not give him due attention

A regular client differs from a new one only in that he ALLOWS you to give him more attention and stops rejecting your attempts

Remember - the client always buys his mood, not your services!

How to increase the loyalty of a regular client?

  • Pay attention...
  • Get involved in the game...
  • Inform...
  • Give bonuses...
  • Show the importance of the client...
  • Provide the uniqueness...

Your main task is to exceed the EXPECTATIONS of the client at every contact with him!

The success of the company’s income growth from regular clients is the fully coordinated internal work of all the company’s structures

Using tools built into the AllinQuest platform, you will do it all with ease and most importantly with confidence, constantly monitoring the result

Main system tools

Contact Manager

Now you will know everything about each client. Fix any information about the client in the contact card, whether it is his hobby, mood, preferences and much more. This will help you to serve each client as high as possible

Crm system

CRM system allows you to fully monitor the condition and status of each client, increasing the quality and service rate. Thanks to this, the client’s loyalty and money spent with pleasure by you increases dramatically. And it also transparently shows you where exactly the income from the regular clients, and where from the New, thereby helping in the analysis of the effectiveness of the channels of attraction

Quality of Service Monitor Module

The module allows you to evaluate and provide characteristics for each call, correspondence or communication with the client.
You can always allocate 1 employee who will check the communications of your employees and clients. Thus, the company has very valuable information about the quality of service

A unique loyalty system

Give clients bonus points. Reward them for bringing you their friends. An exciting game that brings joy and income to you and your clients

Mobile applications

Starting to use AllinQuest platform, you get free mobile applications for your business. Now, you have the opportunity to be in touch with each client in real time.

Feedback module

Your clients can instantly give you feedback via mobile application. At the same time, you can also answer each client, both privately and publicly

Information module

The client has always access to the latest information about your company via mobile application. Post news, catalogues, prices, promotions, anything you want and your clients will be very grateful to you for this. You will see how your profitability grows, just because you are simply informing ...

Statistics and analytics module

You will always understand:
- the average check of your client that will allow you to understand how much money you are willing to spend on each client retention
- LTV - the amount of money left by the client for the entire time of his presence in your company

Do not be afraid of unfamiliar tools!

Just start using them

And you will instantly feel the increase in income!

Increasing the client’s check, your main task is NOT force up

Inform your client. Offer him the maximum possible options. And your loyal client will choose everything with pleasure for sure

AllinQuest tools allow you to provide the highest quality service to every client. And be sure that every client, recommending you to his friends and colleagues, will start to bring you more and more NEW clients

And they, in turn, their friends and so on, in return for discounts, bonus points and your product unique and effective for everyone.

And you will reward them that the clients had a high motivation to recommend you

And we will give you the best tool for this!

AllinQuest has a unique loyalty program with an integrated reward system

Own mobile app

Let’s recall that starting to use AllinQuest platform, you also get your own mobile application, which will be used by both your clients and your employees

Studies of large consulting companies suggest that the mobile application in business is the most effective way of communicating with your clients. All your clients use smartphones. Nobody ever forgets their smartphones, it is always with them

And installed in the smartphone of each client, you have endless opportunities for your business

Depending on area of use, the platform allows businessman to:

  • - attract the maximum number of new clients by rewards for recommendations
  • - provide clients with detailed information about their company, discounts and promotions
  • - quickly arrange high-advertising companies and notify all clients in a click
  • - send push notifications to clients, and without spending a dime on messaging. You can send targeted push notifications as 1 client and client group with specific options, as well as to all clients at once. At the same time you can see full accounting, who and when received, reviewed, etc.
  • - keep records, take orders and bookings
  • - sell products and services
  • - receive online payments
  • - receive priceless feedback, receiving comments and complaints and responding to them
  • - post company news
  • - conduct mobile client surveys in an unobtrusive way
  • - have full statistics and reporting on business, work of personnel and all departments. And it’s all available to management in real time mode with access from anywhere in the world
  • - and much more, functions are huge and they are constantly expanding
And the most important is that your client has very easy to use mobile app, and he will always be grateful to you for that!

How it works

For example, you have your own restaurant

The client visited your restaurant and he liked everything

He made recommendations to 7 of his friends

They also enjoyed it and each of them made the same recommendations to 7 their friends

So you already have 56 clients in 2 generations

In three generations there will be 399 new clients.

Do you understand how huge this audience is that constantly visits you?

You once connected to the AllinQuest platform and immediately began to receive new clients

And it does not have an end, the process is already running

3 generations 399 people round

The client is just need to choose Share the discount in the app and ask your friend to scan a unique QR code

His friend immediately receives a discount, when using it your client will instantly be credited points in accordance with the rules established by you

Clients can transfer your discounts unlimited number of times and generations. In your account, you have full control and can see full statistics for all your clients

You can create an unlimited number of marketing plans for your business, adjusting for season, characteristics of your clients and the market situation

An important AllinQuest tool is now popular around the world gamification

By engaging your clients in full scale Business Quest and rewarding them for it, you are automatically getting a very high level of loyalty of even the most sophisticated client. It is very interesting and amusing for clients.

You can always attract a client to a new part of the Quest, and at the same time the client understands that playing with you, he earns you money

Start for Free!

In order to start using AllinQuest platform for businessman, you do not need any financial costs. Even today you are completely FREE get ready canned solution ready-to-operate and begin to build your business from a new angle, instantly getting high income

After you are convinced of the effectiveness of the world’s best platform, you still do not need to buy anything, just pay the minimum subscription fee

1st month

0 / month

  • Get started for Free
  • All services are available immediately from the 1st month
  • Implement everything you need
  • Start instantly to receive additional income

2d month

50 / month

  • Feel free to ask more questions
  • Inform about your needs
  • We will flexibly adjust the platform for you
  • Increase the flexibility of special offers
  • Use statistics
  • Evaluate how much more comfortable it is for you to work and how loyal your clients have become
  • Make sure of usefulness of the platform
Special offer

from the 3d months

99 / month

If you pay for 1 year or $249 monthly

  • And start paying only when you get the result
  • Conduct an in-depth analysis of the collected data
  • Inform us of any of your needs. We will immediately implement the services you need
  • Enjoy modern sales, marketing and analytics tools


We guarantee that for 12 months of using the AllinQuest platform, the income from orders received as a result of using the platform will exceed the cost of the annual subscription fee at least by 50 times!!!

If this does not happen

And most importantly, with AllinQuest you see the profitability of each channel not only on the basis of income from the clients attracted, but also the profitability that each client brought to you due to the clients attracted by him. Believe me, when you see this, you will be pleasantly surprised!

It is very important that in conjunction with this parameter it is necessary to make decisions about the advantages of investing in a particular channel for attracting clients

We examined with you 3 most important components of any business:


of new clients with advertising


of a new client into regular and loyal, as well as increasing its average check


of new clients through the recommendations of your regular clients

Now, you are armed and dangerous to your competitors!))

Do you know what is the most beautiful about all this?

The fact is that only a few out of all the mass of your competitors will change themselves in the right direction and will start to grow rapidly. The rest will be lazy, scary, not clear, and so on...

And using this opportunity you will quickly tear yourself away from your competitors and increase your profitability hundreds of times already in the very near future!


For any business, the number of clients is UNLIMITED...

Any market is HUGE, regardless of the number of competitors...


With AllinQuest, you will once for all forget about such excuses as:

Not a season... No time... Holidays... And so on...

In a properly organized business - THERE ARE NO SUCH EXCUSES!

You just need to systematically configure and automate your work and the money will flow to you by the river!

And we will always help you in this!

Our aim is to multiply your profits!

Do not be afraid to change... Start changing your business to a better and safer environment for you now

Then it will be too late. The competition is booming... Always remember about this!

Develop constantly! And you will always be ahead of everyone!

Join now for free to the largest Business Quest in the world!!!

And you will always have everything on 5+

Manage the business brightly!

Your clients are waiting for the best from you!

Good luck to you!